Sunday, May 1, 2011

Thai Time

So, this evening in the true spirit of trying something something new I decided to take the twins to dinner, but where should we go? As we drove around Lawrenceville looking for someplace that just called my name, while the twins called out every McDonalds & Taco Bell they saw we came across Saigon Cafe.

While most other places were closing this place jumped out at me because they were still open. If that's one thing I hate about the south (especially Gwinnett County) its that if you're not hungry until after 9, then you're screwed. Anyway, as soon as we walked in we were greeted & seated by a very friendly waitress who throughout our visit talked to my kids and was very sweet. While there is no kids menu & I had to order a regular meal, I was given 2 saucers to help split the meal between the two so for that I would say they were somewhat kid friendly.

In terms of service, we had drink within the first 2 minutes which I consider great. I ordered Cheese Rolls for an appetizer, Shrimp Rama for me & for the kids an order of Chicken Pad Thai. Our order was ready in 10 minutes. I have had cheese rolls before & usually they have been in the form of a spring roll but these were in the Crab Rangoon form which i cant say is worse or better, just different. I have also had Rama & it was usually over a bed of spinach but this dish was over a bed of broccoli. The peanut sauce was a little lighter than I usually like it but good nonetheless.

Cheese Rolls


Pad Thai

As for the Pad Thai..... It smelled horrible to me but the twins said it smelled great & bless their little hearts they ate everything I gave them while using! Whatever they didn't eat (remember it was an adult portion for two 6 year olds) I brought home. When my husband got home from fishing he ate the rest. Everyone thought it was delicious so the smell thing could have just been me. All in all, I have had better but Saigon Cafe was fine & a pleasant experience.

Saigon Cafe
1030 Old Peachtree Road Northwest
Lawrenceville, GA 30043
(770) 995-8301

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